"Invisible Gift"
by sabine7 / July 28, 2005

Canadian blood artist Istvan Kantor is at it again. Banned from the National Gallery of Canada for painting a large blood x on a gallery wall in 1991, Kantor has come up with a project for the transformation of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto – adding his own blood to the concrete to ensure that the museum truly contains artists’ blood. In doing so the building itself becomes the art and the title of this piece is Invisible Gift. While Kantor’s Blood Campaign series has been going on for years, Kantor is also busy with other areas of his performance art, especially as far as furthering the cause of neoism is concerned. The AGO has in no way given Kantor the green light, but he is ever the optimist and will reveal more at a press conference at Toronto’s Drake Hotel on Aug. 2.

Artist: Istvan Kantor
+ ccca.ca

Bloodletting at the I.V. Lounge

Triumph at the AGO


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