"Don, George, Diane"
by sabine7 / July 27, 2005

California artist Ivan Morley is a great storyteller who bases his works on fictional worlds of his own making or his take on Californian historical events. Morley’s works combine a variety of media to carry out his narratives. Thread on fabric is a recurring combination, as is the use of K-Y jelly, but in spite of Morley’s penchant for patterning, his body of work is full of surprises. Don, George, Diane , an oil painting on glass, is a depiction of a baker’s dozen donkeys out at sea, but a related piece From Don, George, Diane is a colour-saturated mass of floral shapes. True Tale has cats on the high seas in one mixed media version, but the thread on canvas option is much more abstract, picking up on the sails of the ship.

Artist: Ivan Morley
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From Don, George, Diane

True Tale

A True Tale


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