Absolut DNA
by sabine7 / July 25, 2005

The cachet of owning or creating original artwork has always been sought after, but now the non-artist can readily combine true ownership and authorship by having one-of-a-kind pieces of art produced from his or her DNA, thanks to DNA11, a unique company offering portraits taken from clientsí DNA. DNA11ís official launch took place on Friday with the unveiling of a piece commissioned for Absolut Vodka. DNA was taken from the fruit used in five different flavours of the Absolut Vodka and the resulting DNA prints were incorporated into a spectacular fifteen-foot light box housed in the disco of Ottawa nightspot Helsinki Bar & Lounge.

Artist: Adrian Salamunovic/Nazim Ahmed/Sacha Leclair
+ dna11.com

Poster artist Sacha Leclair created a whirl of urban motifs, edgy sexuality and cultural diversity to combine with five of Absolutís signature bottle silhouettes, standing like tasty skyscrapers among bursts of electric and human energy. The piece connects the links between plant and animal species, the bridge that brings us all together and celebrates the DNA that is at the base of life. Chicks necking, guys gawking, bare feet and fishnetted knees concealed by the looming vodka chaperones are the hot topics of the visual party that is the inaugural exhibit piece by DNA11.



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