"Thrice Happy"
by sabine7 / July 16, 2005

Northern California abstract expressionist Ricki Mountain works with a variety of elements to add texture to her paintings and collages. Thrice Happy is a mixed media and acrylics piece, while Red Sky @ Night Sailors Delight incorporates metal mesh and pencil as well. And Buckle My Shoe is simply acrylics, in all their glory. Mountain veers towards the abstract in a search for the unknown – for her, it is all about discovery. Mountain’s styles can vary, simply due to her constant quest for that which is new. This is the freedom of creativity that spurs her on.

Artist: Ricki Mountain
+ rickimountain.com

Ricki Mountain is showing at the Blue Gallery in San Francisco until July 30.

Buckle My Shoe

Red Sky @ Night Sailors Delight


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