"The Nightclub Portraits"
by sabine7 / July 12, 2005

William Eggleston’s black and white juke joint portraits taken in Memphis in 1973 are being shown for the first time in a Cheim & Read exhibition in NY. Eggleston used infrared film, shooting in typically darkened nightclub interiors without his subjects knowing they were being recorded by the unobtrusive box on the table before them. The results are raw, honest portraits of people captured forever. 1973 could just as well be 2005. Eggleston’s Nightclub Portraits are simply timeless, as are his other works.

Artist: William Eggleston
+ cheimread.com

The Nightclub Portraits runs until September 3 at Cheim & Read, NY.



Eggleston's colour photos have an equally timeless quality to them.



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