"Rave (After Poussin's Triumph of Pan)"
by sabine7 / July 8, 2005

The urban landscape of London artist Martin Maloney is one that is colourful and matter-of-fact, not grey and grim. One could almost say defiantly cheerful. Maloney is an instinctive painter whose works display a vibrancy through much use of patterning and decoration. Maloney’s works are very much modern and contemporary, but he does not hesitate to allow himself to be influenced by artists of the past. Maloney was so impressed by Nicolas Poussin’s frequent depiction of parties that he, too, wanted to focus mainly on the party scene. Rave (After Poussin’s Triumph of Pan) is one such result. Love Bugs and Gentrification are two examples of Maloney’s collage work.

Artist: Martin Maloney
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Martin Maloney closes July 9 at the Timothy Taylor Gallery in London.



Love Bugs


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