by sabine7 / June 30, 2005

Existence is a topic close to the heart of Belgian artist Kris Martin whose work Verwandlung is based on Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Martin copied out the text of the story in its entirety, using only one page. The result is an elaborately framed piece of white paper with layers of black cursive. The story exists on paper, but its meaning is lost or obscured by its physical being, which in turn negates its existence. Martin’s work Untitled (vase) is a seven-foot Chinese vase that he topples over before installing it in any exhibition.

Artist: Kris Martin
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It smashes to bits, allowing Martin to carefully glue it back together. With each installation, it is damaged further, yet painstakingly resurrected. At what point will this vase, whose existence has already been altered, cease to exist at all?




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