"LA to NYC"
by sabine7 / July 1, 2005

Marilyn Minterís enamel on metal paintings are so hyper-realistic that often it is difficult to distinguish them from her c-prints. And likewise gender distinction is also blurred within her works that take a swipe at commercial fashion photography. How to determine whether the pearl-stuffed mouths are male or female? Whose eyes are thickly coated to the point of exaggeration? Minterís close-ups can be both seductive and off-putting because of their size and clarity, treating the viewer to a full-on introduction of the subject, where every pore, drop of sweat or bit of peach fuzz is exposed.

Artist: Marilyn Minter
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Marilyn Minter is showing at SFMOMA until July 24.

Treasure Trail (enamel on metal)

Crisco (enamel on metal)

Manicure (c-print)


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