"En l'an 2000, 1 etre humain sur 603 sera grec"
by sabine7 / June 28, 2005

Guy Limone is a Marseilles artist whose installations are based primarily on the three themes of statistics, colour families and miniature figurines. Statistically speaking, Limone chooses stats based on poll results or population growth to mount installations using thousands of miniature figures that he paints by hand. Other installations are composed of approximately 400-500 photos of a wide variety of scenes and objects all connected by a common colour. Sometimes Limone will choose to use colour photocopies or cut out magazine images in order to create a colour-themed wallpaper as an installation, all in the name of making sense out of global chaos.

Artist: Guy Limone
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Elections americaines (detail)

Elections americaines

1 out of 420 Americans is a Doctor

Collection Orange and Yellow

Tapisserie Verte


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