"The Real Toy Story"
by sabine7 / June 27, 2005

Michael Wolf is a Hong Kong-based photographer whose photography and toy installation “The Real Toy Story” is a look at the toy industry in China. Wolf’s homage to Chinese factory workers was in the form of about 16,000 toys that covered the walls of the John Batten Gallery in Hong Kong, framing portraits of the factory workers who made them. The idea for the installation came about when Wolf covered every surface in his son’s room with a copious amount of used toys he picked up at a second hand store.

Artist: Michael Wolf
+ photomichaelwolf.com

The effect was amazing, but even more interesting was the fact that each one had been made in China. To prepare for the show, Wolf drove through California for a month, scouring flea markets and junk shops for toys made in China that had faces, before traveling to the factories themselves to put a human face on the project.






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