"The Telling"
by sabine7 / June 18, 2005

Judith Kalina is a NY painter who ran off and joined the circus for inspiration. For the past six summers, Kalina has traveled with circuses in order to mine them for her drawings and paintings. Her canvas big top is populated by clowns, trapeze artists, performing animals and an assortment of other sideshow attractions, but although the work is figurative the abstraction that is indeed there softens the roar of the crowd and lends a magical feel to Kalinas circus. Kalina lives the nitty-gritty of the circus reality, but translates it into a fantasy world for the viewer.

Artist: Judith Kalina
+ judithkalina.com

Judith Kalina will be showing at the Washington Art Association July 30 August 28.

Two Beings at the Edge of Ocean

Man Practicing to Become a Flower

Yellow Music


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