"Kin-san's Business Trip"
by sabine7 / June 20, 2005

Kozyndan are two California illustrators with an amazing sense of humour evident in their art. Their panoramics are wonderfully detailed flights of fancy. Kin-sanís Business Trip is about the stereotypical Japanese salaryman who drinks too much, but really wants to live life as a schoolgirl. The Yum-cha Militia tells what happens when a fictional group of mah-jong playing old women take to the streets as virus vigilantes, angry that this new activity is cutting into gossip time. Like Sands Through the Hour Glass depicts one of the coupleís favorite streets of London (where they once had a fight) and a family of veggie monsters gorging themselves. The panoramics are best viewed on the Kozyndan website where one can truly appreciate the detail of the illustrations and better enter into the visual narrative.

Artist: Kozyndan
+ kozyndan.com

Also on the website are more views of the Salaryman/Schoolgirl doll.

The Yum-cha Militia (My Mother thought she had SARS, but it turned out to be PMS)

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

Kin-san the Qee


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