"Mandala Number Five"
by sabine7 / June 17, 2005

Genevieve Gauckler is a Paris graphic designer who specializes in the concoction of weirdly wild and wonderful characters. Her website is like a bulletin board covered in a wide variety of projects. The Mandala Project comprises a series of digital illustrations that are a mix of graphic and photographic elements “dedicated to everyday life, to banality” – everyone’s everyday life should be this colourful! There are excerpts from a very delightful and humourous comic book that she recently published, the classic tale of boy meets girl and has a child, and so on and so on, for two hundred generations. And then there are Patacorp and Thermokokus, two blobs that star in absurd situations on the artist’s floor. All in all, Gauckler gives us an entertaining tour of a well-fertilized imagination.

Artist: Genevieve Gauckler
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