"Eating Me"
by sabine7 / June 22, 2005

Pars is a Seattle painter and illustrator who has created a world peopled by wide-faced, hooded characters that are sinister, yet endearing. In The Floral Derangement series of enamel on glass, the Parskids (who look like adorable mutant jellyfish in papooses) are busy growing flowers from their stomachs, or displaying floral entrails. The situations grow darker in the Pleasant Monstrosities series and are downright dire in the Pasty Dark grouping. Pars is also a doll maker - the plush Parskids wear handpainted anguished faces.

Artist: Pars
+ parskid.com

Pars is part of a group show at the Primary Space Gallery in Hamtramck, MI until June 25.

Floral Entrails

Growth Spurt


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