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by sabine7 / June 24, 2005

Mark Newport is an Arizona knitting artist specializing in the cult of the super hero. A recent series of work focuses on life sized knitted super hero costumes, but don’t think Newport is afraid of a little comic book cover embroidery or beading trading cards of athletes and porn stars. Newport grew up absorbed in comic books, but more for the visual artistry than the plotlines. Eventually he too became an artist, like his heroes, and started examining gender issues at a time when the art world was experiencing a backlash against the male art star.

Artist: Mark Newport
+ asuartmuseum.asu.edu

Newport went from abstract sculptures to a continuing study of heroes and icons. By providing a contrast to the hard side of his super heroes, Newport highlights their yin and yang and leaves empty costumes waiting to be filled – anyone can be a hero. His ink jet prints are themed around the Bystander Effect, a general inability to rush to the rescue when help is needed. The pop culture aspect to Newport’s work is certainly fun, but in the end is about more than the simple knit and purl.

Mark Newport’s exhibition Super Heroics opens today at the Arizona State University Art Museum and runs till September 3.

Newport knitting the final touches



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