"Double Takes"
by sabine7 / June 3, 2005

Ottawa artist Cheryl Pagurek has combined old black and white photos from a family album with more current colour versions of similar situations to produce Double Takes, a photography exhibition of her most recent works. Pagurek removes key elements from one photo and transposes it onto its partner, rousing the viewer from complacency. We are forced to re-evaluate what we thought were the facts as a whole, and thus the original simplicity of the family picture is lent more depth and dimensionality. Pagurek’s photography has always involved a certain amount of manipulation, but when she started a family of her own, her artistic instincts led her to examine human relationships within new contexts of the medium.

Artist: Cheryl Pagurek
+ toxicgallery.com

Double Takes opens today and runs till July 3 at the Toxic Gallery in Ottawa.




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