by sabine7 / May 31, 2005

British artist Donna Wilson was recently featured in Knit 2 Together, an exhibition of knitted artwork mounted by the Crafts Council in London. Wilsonís installation is Pick Knit, a group of close to thirty delightful stuffed creatures knitted out of lambswool. The exhibition, which will be touring England and Ireland over the next year, seeks to promote a more innovative side to the humble knit one, purl two. Wilson, who has done design work for Agent Provocateur and Tord Boontje, is a gifted artist who injects a charming sense of humour into her creations. Cannibdoll is described as being "happy and selfish" and "dislikes eating vegetables".

Artist: Donna Wilson
+ donnawilson.com

Knit 2 Together will be appearing at the Leicester City Gallery in Leicester from July 6 to September 10.

Peeping Tom & Terry and Tina
Bunny Blue & Edd Red


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