by sabine7 / May 27, 2005

Susan Hall’s oil paintings of back-lit figures behind shrouds of lace are quiet yet compelling appeals to reflection. Hall uses the layer of lace to “bring order to the composition” and it is true that this element helps the viewer focus on the introspection of the subject. The works shown here are all tinted blue, lending a softness and stillness to the pieces. Other tints mask different moods or feelings: mossy olive green gives off a timelessness, brick red a strength and the more golden shades glow with a steady power. All of the figures in this series are women, a point that makes sense given the lacey coverings, but leads one to ponder what sort of parallel composition could be made with male figures.

Artist: Susan Hall
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+ melaneecoopergallery.com

The Aliya Gallery in Atlanta will be presenting an exhibition of Susan Hall’s work from July 15 to August 12.




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