"I Survived a Government Audit and All I Got Was This Lousy Clown Suit"
by sabine7 / May 26, 2005

There are so many thought-provoking quirks surrounding Canadian artist Thrush Holmes that it is all too easy to overlook his art. This would be a mistake. His paintings are layers of nostalgia that bear further investigation. Thrush Holmes also goes by the names Truman Couture (to bring out the French minimalist) and Herman Weiss (for his German expressionist side), while allowing these alter-egos to join him in his empire of creation. Especially noteworthy are the titles of his (their) works and the clown ruffle motif that recurs from canvas to canvas.

Artist: Thrush Holmes
+ thrushholmes.com

One of the aims of the Thrush Holmes Empire is to sell 75,000 paintings to IKEA.

We'll Meet At the Circus and Discuss a Reasonable Course of Action

Days Long Past Still Mess Me Up


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