by sabine7 / May 19, 2005

Po Shun Leong is a California furniture designer, architect and wood carver whose works are incredibly intricate. Leong, born in wartime London, was sent to live with a carpenter in the English countryside to escape the dangers of the Blitzkrieg. It was there that he played by the side of the carpenter who worked diligently at his hobby of carving model ocean liners. Figure was inspired by a 1505 Raphael painting, Madonna del Granduca, and contains several secret drawers. The facial expressions of both mother and child will change when the heads are turned.

Artist: Po Shun Leong
+ poshunleong.com

Modern Times is a wall sculpture inspired by the Charlie Chaplin film of the same name.

This desk is a private commission with an American Indian theme.

This chess set fits into its own cabinet.


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