by sabine7 / May 12, 2005

Couples is a lithograph by Louise Bourgeois, a renowned sculptor and printmaker whose recent graphic works from the last fifteen years were subject of an exhibition held last month at the Marlborough in London. The flowing hair can be construed as wings, but not the standard issue white of angels. No, these are of the same red to be found on those high heels. And three wings, not four - where can this uneven number lead? Methinks the snakelike spirals may provide a clue.

Artist: Louise Bourgeois
+ marlboroughfineart.com

Born in Paris in 1911, Bourgeois has continued to produce a body of work themed on family relationships and the psychology behind them. Particularly noteworthy are pieces from her Anatomy portfolio, as well as the nine plates of spiders that comprise the Ode a ma mere series, but definitely not to be overlooked is the Eight in a Bed litho... An obvious offshoot of Couples perhaps?

The Night



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