"My Plaid"
by sabine7 / May 7, 2005

Given that painter Squeak Carnwath has put some time into thinking about the concept of happiness while preparing for several of her works that have to do with this theme, she has some very simple insight into societal, and individual, expectations. "If we have the right job, the right clothes… When we were teen-agers we weren’t targeted as an audience that could buy things. Branding wasn’t as dominant as it is now. Now people are learning from very early on…that there are certain things that will make them happy if they would just acquire them. It’s very specific. Do this thing then this will happen to you. But then it doesn’t happen, or it’s not sustaining. It wears out… So then there’s disappointment, and people start to be perpetually disappointed.

Artist: Squeak Carnwath
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If people don’t learn that happiness isn’t like a goal, that it comes and goes, that the only way to have it is to actually have the reverse of it as well … then happiness isn’t really possible."

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