"The Eavesdropper"
by sabine7 / May 1, 2005

The oils of Canadian figurative painter Duncan Regehr are almost tapestry-like upon first glance. Regehr layers his pigments to produce textures evocative of textiles, lending a carnival air to paintings somewhat medieval in tone. The poetic imagery (his quest to unite “inner vision and the unconscious world) employed by Regehr results in an automatism which leads to an expressive surrealism. Regehr’s paintings combine elements of an almost theatrical world: absurd, sinister, comical, tragic – which is not all that surprising when one learns that Regehr is an accomplished actor as well.

Artist: Duncan Regehr
+ duncanregehr.com

Duncan Regehr is also well-known for his television portrayals of Errol Flynn and Zorro.



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