"Another Useless Gift"
by sabine7 / May 6, 2005

LA artist Luke Chueh has been drawing since he was a kid, but has found that turning his hand from graphic design to acrylic and inks has been very successful. Chueh’s paintings are deceptively simple, and darkly cute only at first glance. Then you realize that they are simply dark. Chueh admits that life is not a simple state and although we’d like it to be peopled by bunnies and teddies and other assorted innocents, reality manages to creep in and sully whatever it can.

Artist: Luke Chueh
+ lukechueh.com

Luke Chueh will be showing at the Copro/Nason Art Gallery in Culver City, CA May 8 – June 5.

The Queen is Dead (version 2)

Paintings for Children (Alcohol)


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