"Travelling in the Family"
by sabine7 / April 29, 2005

Swedish painter Mamma Andersson provides the viewer with a series of both interiors peopled by women quietly busy and exteriors with subjects seemingly out of context. Her scenes of rooms appear to be harmless until one notices the areas filled with a thick black cloudiness, lending an air of mystery to an ordinary scene. Andersson combines techniques within the works, allowing thickly applied paints to rest side by side with the lightest of washes. Andersson often turns the backs of her subjects to us, leaving us with the need to know more about them, and the paintings that must contain them.

Artist: Mamma Andersson
+ stephenfriedman.com

Mamma Andersson opens today, April 29, at the Stephen Friedman Gallery in London. On till May 28.
we_do_boring_apr_05.jpg things_together_apr_05.jpg
We Do Boring Things Together - diptych


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