by sabine7 / April 22, 2005

Bad boy Damien Hirst has been accused of jumping the shark with his new show The Elusive Truth, a series of thirty almost hyperrealist paintings. Produced by Hirst and his team over a period of three years, these oil paintings were originally going to be airbrushed, but the results were not at all to his satisfaction. The studio worked from a variety of images culled from newspaper and magazines, trying at first to render the paintings as closely as possible to the photos. Finally, Hirst shifted the emphasis from a photographic look to more detailed study of the paint. His favorite bits to paint, of course, were the goriest.
Spots they’re not.

Artist: Damien Hirst
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Damien's Hirst's new exhibition The Elusive Truth is NOT closing April 23, but has been extended until May 14 at the Gagosian Gallery in NY.
Hospital Corridor


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