"Glow House #3"
by sabine7 / April 13, 2005

Canadian Kelly Mark is at it again, with Glow House #3, this time in Toronto. A follow up to the one-week off-site installation, Glow House #2, for IKON Gallery in Birmingham, UK in 2003, Glow House #3 is a house filled with 36 television sets tuned to the same channel. Every time the scene changes the synched up television sets create a strobe effect and when commercials air it is as though fireworks are set off. Another take on Blue Light?

Artist: Kelly Mark
+ ireallyshould.com

Glow House #3 is watching tv at 323 Palmerston Boulevard in Toronto until April 23.
A similar gig, Glow House #1, had a one-night stand in Winnipeg in 2001.


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