"Instant Europe"
by sabine7 / April 12, 2005

Curated by Francesco Bonami, “Instant Europe” is an exhibition of photography and video by 26 artists of the 10 newest countries to have joined the European Union in May 2004. Most are images of people, bringing unknown realities to a new public. Although the mix of artists provides a variety of perspective, the universality of experience emerges nonetheless. Bonami presents an ever-changing Europe through a courageous exhibition that relies on ideas rather than beauty.
Above photograph is by Estonian Jaan Toomik.

Artist: various
+ villamanincontemporanea.it

Instant Europe closes May 1 at the Villa Manin – Centro d’arte contemporaneo in Passariano, Udine, Italy.
Jaan Toomik - Estonia

Michel Pechoucek - Czech Republic


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