by sabine7 / April 11, 2005

With her new series of 8 photos “Chips”, Parisian Valerie Belin takes the common as muck bag of chips and through black and white photography serves it up as thought-provoking art. First she chooses the exoticism of British crisps, as the wild and crazy flavours of prawn cocktail and spring onion have never managed to go continental. Then she takes all the liveliness and fun out of the treats by removing the colour. Once the photos are rendered in flat tones of black and white (in order to achieve the matte black, the colour photos must be graphically manipulated), the focus falls upon the object. The hungry viewer is forced to look at the bag itself and not the contents.

Artist: Valerie Belin
+ paris-art.com

chips_apr_05.jpg squares_apr_05.jpg


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