"Office Tower"
by sabine7 / April 4, 2005

Jac Scott, known for recycling cast-offs into art, creates the Office Block out of plaster, paint and recycled shirts. Clothing and fashion figure frequently in modern representations of the artistís vision, so why not the ubiquitous white shirt worn to countless offices by countless workers every single day? Scott sends a message about the many-layered hierarchy of corporate culture, a veritable network of white shirts. Also interesting is her Personal Baggage Collection, a series of bags made up of a wide variety of discarded materials.

Artist: Jac Scott
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Personal Baggage Collection - Plastic Carrier Bag
Made from 2386 old plastic carrier bags.


http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/000959.php http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/000952.php
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