The Nomadic Museum
by sabine7 / March 21, 2005

How often do we long to be part of the hoopla surrounding great exhibitions that are thousands of miles away from home? While the Nomadic Museum that currently houses Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow may not be able to drop as many calling cards as we'd like it to, this is a travelling exhibit idea whose time has come. This 45 000 square foot temporary structure, designed by Shigeru Ban, is made of 148 stacked shipping containers on Pier 54 in Manhattan. Subsequent stops for the Nomadic Museum will be Los Angeles and then on to the Vatican.

Architect: Shigeru Ban
Artist: Gregory Colbert


Efforts have been made to incorporate materials that are reusable, recyclable and reduced. Paper tubes are used as trusses, river stones border a main pathway made up of former scaffolding planks while a curtain of one million Sri Lankan paper tea bags divides the space.

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