A Glacier Adrift Soap by William Lee
by Harry / June 13, 2014

William Lee's A Glacier Adrift is a reminder to be gentler to our planet.

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Details: A set of hand-crafted soap inspired by the massive bodies of melting glaciers and icebergs in the Arctic. "As one washes with the soap, the glacier/iceberg gradually dissolves with each use. A direct correlation that our actions are affecting such environmental shifts." says new brand Young Stellar Object.


"We make an impact on the environment daily whether we care to acknowledge it or not. There's an ephemeral quality and fragility that's brought to light here. Once 'melted away' it is irreversible."


Adds designer Lee, "I wanted to create an object that was unattainable to many. An aesthetic that resembled a real glacier. To transport a piece of iceberg straight from the Arctic into your hands. When you hold it, it looks & feels like a precious jewel. It's something you want to guard, something you want to protect. Delicate yet designed to be used, designed to be washed and dissolved away."

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to an Al Gore endorsed environmental charity - 1% for the Planet.

+ young-stellar-object.com
+ idstrength.com


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