Reclaim 3: Maypole light installation by UM Project
by Harry / May 15, 2014

For Reclaim 3, the grassroots design organization formed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New York design studio UM Project has created an interactive LED light installation called Maypole, directly inspired by age-old folk traditions but executed with futuristic materials and engineering.

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Details: 16 lamps - part beacons, part robots - all new variations of UM Project's Craft System series, are arranged around a center pole. The synchronized LED lights travel and "dance" with varying speed, intensity, and directions.


Reminiscent of both traditional Maypole dresses as well as futuristic space suits, all pieces are white. Strong color accents are provided by the cloth-covered cords which tie the whole piece together as if they were ribbons.


Proceeds from UM Project's fundraising will be donated to The High School of Art and Design, one of the top creative high schools in New York City and in the country.


Source: photos by Francis Dzikowski.



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