Hatch Sunglasses by Michiel Cornelissen for Eyewear Kit
by Harry / February 10, 2014

Build-your-own specs: Hatch Sunglasses by Michiel Cornelissen for Eyewear Kit are strikingly lattice-like, extremely lightweight, come in colours, are ordered direct from the 3D printer, and are completed with your choice of Eyewear Kit snap-in lens.

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Details: Frames in nylon. In this interesting production mode, the designer frames are created around Eyewear Kit lenses (sold directly), and ordered from a 3D fabricator for DIY assembly. Eyewear Kit is a Netherlands-based provider of high-quality lenses (including prescription) for 3D printed frames. Lenses can be swapped between compatible frames.


Designer: Michiel Cornelissen's studio is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He studied at the Delft University of Technology, and worked for over a decade at Philips Design.


Source: Via MOCO Submit. Photos by Jeroen van der Wielen.



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