Chair Wear by Bernotat&Co
by Harry / October 19, 2013

Bernotat&Co have created a prêt-a-porter collection of Chair Wear, a selection of favorites from their initial 'Haute-Couture Collection' of dress-up fashion for chairs.

"Since 'CHAIR WEAR- Why buy a new chair when you can dress up the one you have?', our succesful presentation during the Milan Designweek, our Chair Wear had lots of positive response ... We therefore decided to take it into production ourselves." says Bernotat&Co.

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The multifunctional Hoodini - baggy storage space when hanging over the back of the chair and a privacy screen when pulled over the sitter's head like a hood

The chosen models (from the original collection and shown here) include the three-dimensional knit-and-wear Knit Net, innovative 3D knitted Pique Pocket and Hoodini, all with added colours as well as one completely new model, the heavy duty canvas Big Baggy.


Big Baggy, with two big pockets on the back for newspapers and magazines, the left side for electronic media: iPad, iPhone - and a practical hanging loop for headphones - and pen loops, and on the right a pocket for a ruler and two pockets "for just small stuff"

"Chair Wear started as a mildly ironical joke, and ended up in a very inspiring new way of looking at furniture upholstery, of seeing it as a separate item, leading to new constructions, productions techniques and materials."


Knit-Net, essentially a chair cushion, it's made of specially developed 3D knitwear inspired by the protective foam net packaging of expensive apples

"The idea of dressing up chairs evolved while working on the Triennial Chair for Gispen. This chair has a separate cushion in the back, which allows it to be upholstered in two different kinds of fabrics, in endless combinations."


Pique-Pocket, carries household as well as fashion connotations: the structure of the fabric and the detailing are reminiscent of an oven mitten or an apron

"With Chair Wear, the idea is taken even further: Bernotat&Co looked at upholstery as a separate item, as clothing for chairs, specially designed and custom-made for this purpose."



"Chair Wear stimulates re-use by upgrading old furniture. But the aim is not just restyling. Instead, Bernotat&Co researched the possibilities of adding comfort to hard wooden chairs, or of creating additional functions for simple chairs."


Big Baggy

"For this purpose, the chairs are dressed up with unexpected textiles, ranging from hightech to industrial to traditional. All of them provide a soft contrast to the hard, basic chairs forming the framework."



"In addition, the Chair Wear models give a nice twist to the rather tacky subject of chair covers. As ambiguous objects with various sources of inspiration, they're open to associations."


Photos: Marleen Sleeuwits, Rogier Chang.


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