Mar gh'Era by Formafantasma
by Harry / September 3, 2013

When not in use and resting on a shelf, Formafantasma's Mar gh'Era glass bottle and cup withdraw into their fantasy world, becoming part of an imaginary dockyard of a city yet to be built.

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Formafantasma's Mar gh'Era, one of 14 glass pieces shown at Drawing Glass

During Paris Design Week Italian communication research centre Fabrica will be presenting Drawing Glass, a new project related to the creative process - starting from the frame of mind that brings an idea into physical existence.


"There is a long journey that can be undertaken as a 'new' process to design objects. Stepping back from digital tools, the Fabrica design team embarks on exploratory hand drawings, scaled 1:1 compositions, let's say representations made of lines on paper." says Fabrica.


"A glass blower reads these 14 drawings (without measurements) and makes his own interpretation of them, giving them a three dimensional existence."


"This project is a way of showing how design is a practice related to communication, how a designer succeeds to make an idea readable, and how the producer receives the main information to make an idea reality."


"The basis of using glass, a transparent and sensitive material, gives unique beauty to the objects and, in a contradictory way, brings the presence of the black on white drawings to the same level as the existing piece."





The Drawing Glass collection will premiere at the Christian Lacroix Boutique in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, from September 6 to 15, 2013.


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