Ladder by Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson
by Harry / August 26, 2013

Gothenburg based designer Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson has created a decorative ladder with curved steam bent steps that maintain the strength to function as any good ladder should.

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"Using the traditional method of steam bending solid wood I aimed to maximize the strength of the material, treasuring the direction of the grains." says Nilsson.


"The way that the steps bend to align with the side of the ladder form a very strong compound and simultaneously create a ledge for the next step above."


"The mirrored steps not only give the expression of an upward endeavour but also give directions of which foot to put on which step in the venture and the rounded top of each step makes them climbable from which ever side you climb."


"The beauty of nature is often described with an Art Nouveau-style but for me this can better be approached with a more static constructivism and yet seem organic and squiggly."


"Ladder manifests precisely this. Its seemingly organic and lifelike construction is in fact static with repeated and mirrored components, which also makes it easier to produce."


The Ladder will be displayed for the first time in the UK at Tent London during The London Design Festival next month.

Photos: Jonas Lindstedt


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