Breathing Clock by Max Schmidt
by Harry / July 25, 2013

Max Schmidt's Breathing Clock tells time by mimicking the act of breathing, an inflated balloon in a capsule, that with the passing of time, deflates.

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"The ticking clock is too concise for the creative workflow. Why not create an inconspicuous indication of time, which fades into the background?" asks Schmidt.


"Time is relative. Does the second matter in every situation? Isn't the perceived time the real time?"


"My clock is based on the most important resource, the air. Due to the biological point of reference and the selected product name « breathing clock », because a personal familiarity meets to be created."


"The indication of time is based on an inflated balloon that with time passing by deflates. Regulated by a valve this can happen either fast or slow it is all about the individually time window, the real time fades into the background."


"For example the workshop starts at 2pm. At this point in time the time is slowed down by use of balloon time. Whiteout the ticking clock the ability to concentrate and creativity are enhanced."

Fully inflated the breathing cycle lasts no longer than half an hour.


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