NW Object Collection by Neue Werkstatt
by Harry / May 27, 2013

Neue Werkstatt is an interdisciplinary collective from Germany with a collection of new works that explore alternative production and graphic shapes.

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For Neue Werkstatt "Simple design and high quality have the same status as ecological production and transparency. A workshop has always been a place of manufacturing of resource-based products, finished with universal machines and repairable products, in a natural way - that is sustainable and honest.

In progression of our consumerism culture this product fell into oblivion. With today's technology, however, we have now the ability to design serial products responsible, produce and communicate as well in such a workshop, according to the demands of our time.



The speaker NW3 form a natural sounding HiFi system that can be used in almost every area. The dynamic chassis of the Danish company Pearless transferres music in its entire range.


The NW3 perfectly fits to consciously listing to music at high volumes and can be just as enthusiastic with deep bass and clear highs. The housing of the speakers are made in a small German carpenters workshop.


They are made of local wood, which is ideal for acoustic applications. These are solvent-free stained with color pigments and protected with natural wax. The powder-coated front guards assures by its fine perforations excellent fidelity.


The connecting terminal does not need any plastic and allows the use of all common amplifiers. The sound attenuation is made of natural wool and provides a powerful and keen sound. Due to the simple appearance, the music is at the forefront.



The NW2 is a simple, puristic bed. It is produced in a local carpentry in hand. For the frame local timber is used. This is solventless stained with color pigments and protected with natural wax. The simple plug-in connection of frame and legs stabilized the entire bed perfectly and allows assambly without tools.


The reduced construction also ensures a minimal pack size, so that the bed is easy to transport. In addition, the modular design of the frame by simply replacing the head and foot end, facilitates the adaptation to all common rust and mattress sizes. So the NW2 is a companion for many years.



The clock 'NW1'is designed discreet and optimized for easy reading. All the parts were originated in the Black Forest region. The durable steel dial is manufactured by 'Allgeier Email' in Triberg. The enamel is one of the most environmentally friendly and durable coatings. A glass mixture is applied by screen printing and baked afterwards.


The clockwork itself is from the last manufacturer of wall clockwork in Europe, Uhrentechnik Schwarzwald. All parts used in them are from Germany and are brought together in Dunningen under highest quality standards. Also, the pointer of the NW1 comes from this region. The family Volker Schär is producing pointers in stamping and engraving processes in Villingen-Schwenningen. The NW1 unites in its classic appearance precisely those qualities that constitute a good clock: precision, durability and readability."

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