2 or (3...) Questions for Alissia Melka-Teichroew About Quilt
by Harry / May 15, 2013

While studying 17th-century portraiture for a 2012 exhibit, byAMT's Alissia Melka-Teichroew found her eye drawn to the quilted fabrics in the clothing and furnishings in the portraits. We asked Alissia a few questions about the result, her Quilt collection, the original Delft-like jewelry and the new chocolate version above.

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Porcelain Quilt

Quilt is a jewelry series, earrings, pendants, cufflinks, brooches, rings made of porcelain, wood, metal and 3D printed nylon with a quilted theme. Read more about them here.


3D printed Quilt

Where did the Quilt collection come from?

While I was studying the 17th-century portraiture I was not only reminded of Coco Chanel's famous quilted handbag but also the triangular patterning on the metal food trucks found on every street corner of New York City. This interplay between soft and hard, high fashion and everyday utility led to the delicate, sophisticated Quilt Collection: quilted men's and women's jewelry rendered in wood, precious metals, and 3D-printed nylon.


Chocolate Quilt

Making chocolate versions is inspired, who made the leap to the edible Quilt? And why?

After attempting to make the Diamond Acrylic Rings + collection in candy in 2012 (and still wanting to pursue this avenue), Josée LePage from BondToo approached me to make a Chocolate and possibly even Cookie version of one of the Quilt Pieces, for 2 BOND, a selection of beautiful items for sale in collaboration with Sweetu Patel from C'H'C'M. So we started the exploration of making chocolates for this event. There will be White, Milk and Dark Chocolate versions available. A limited edition made in collaboration with Bondtoo. All made in New York State.


Dandy Hooks

What's next for Quilt? Furniture? More food?

Possibly more food (think candy) and working on possibilities for the home. They already exist for the home through Y'A Pas Le Feu Au Lac's Dandy Hooks launched in February 2013.

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