Taste of Wood by Antonio Aricò
by Harry / April 26, 2013

At Foodmade, an exhibition at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2013, designers were challenged to use food as a raw material. Antonio Aricò's Taste of Wood is outdoor furniture made with olive wood and finished with olive oil.


Guests at the exhibition were invited to polish the wood with olive oil and taste the oil at the same time.


Says Aricò, "Taste of Wood is a funny eulogy to the olive oil & wood with a strong background of artisanal techniques, the display shows that the oil is precious not only for Italians but also and surprisingly for furniture as this tasty liquid can be used to finish and preserve the wood."


"When you are sitting under an olive tree you can dream about tasting some really good Calabrese olive oil but not only! You can also start thinking about your furniture and start polishing them with passion."



Photos: F. Zaminga.


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