unZIP Chair Cover by Rui Pereira, Ryosuke Fukusada & HAF
by Harry / April 1, 2013

HAF and product designers Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada have reinvented the conventional chair cover using the same compression technique already used on t-shirts and towels.

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"Instead of spending money buying a new chair, why not dress up an old one?" says Pereira & Fukusada.


"Nowadays, distribution and production plays a huge role when one thinks about developing a new product. Most of us have a basic/uninteresting chair at home. unZIP is an reinvention of the conventional chair cover."


Using the same compression technique commonly used on t-shirts and towels, the volume of the unZIP pack is reduced to a minimum thus keeping production and distribution costs to a minimum.


"This product is a reflection on our compulsive need of having new objects and how it effects the rhythm of the design process itself, making it closer and closer to the fashion system."


"The textiles used are polyester and cotton. The colours palette ranges from white to metallic blue, from gold to green. For this presentation we developed several covers related to our cultural backgrounds: Silk print of Portuguese tiles, Shibori dyed fabric from Japan, fluorescent orange sea-cloth from Iceland and pattern by Icelandic fashion designer Mundi."


The project is an international collaboration between HAF, product designer Rui Pereira and product designer Ryosuke Fukusada. The full collection will be presented during Milan design week 2013 at Ventura Warehouse.

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