Dark Senses by Fraser Ross
by Harry / February 25, 2013

Creating an ever-changing sensory silhouette, futuristic wearable textiles composed of magnetic surfaces embellished with magnetic fluids are explored in Dark Senses, a project by Fraser Ross.

Though actual wearable textiles are some time away, Dark Senses does offer a glimpse of what could eventually be. "The textiles will act as a protective shield whilst allowing users to interact with their environment through new tactile senses and organic forms." says Ross.


Employing ferrofluid, neodymium magnets, water, propanol, glass, brass and a fan, Dark Senses illustrates how the surfaces of these new materials will interact with their immediate environment.


"The fluid not only provides striking, monochrome sculptures, through interaction with the adjacent materials, but also behaves in its solid form as a receptor to external environmental changes."


"The fluid substances, which metamorphose from chemistry glassware to organic forms, are an encounter. The viewer can manipulate the shape, asserting an order over something, albeit for a brief second. Humans exploring processes seen in nature as a scientific experiment and the ideology that nature is manufactured."


"The prominent magnetic forms expand in peaks and contract in smooth shapes in response to air currents, constantly changing form through the use of magnetic fluid sculpted around neodymium magnetic surfaces."


"The exhibition of these magnetic substances provides a unique platform to generate future ideas surrounding living products and interactions."

Dark Senses is on display at the Project-Ability Residency exhibition at Trongate 103 (supported by Creative Scotland) in Glasgow, Scotland from now until March 2, 2013.

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