REK Expanding Bookcase by Reinier de Jong
by Harry / February 20, 2013

First introduced four years ago, REK, a bookcase that grows with a users book collection, is now lighter and more sustainably built.

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Says de Jong, "[books are] No longer functional carriers of information but rather artefacts representing one's identity. It is not so much about the quantity of books anymore but what counts is a well-considered selection of quality books."


"Book shelves are therefore changing as well, from purely functional pieces of furniture to unique design pieces, equally important as the books they hold."


First designed and produced in 2008 by de Jong, REK is a bookcase that grows along with a book collection. The greater the number of books, the bigger the bookcase. The zigzag-shaped parts slide in and out to accommodate books in the resulting spaces.


Books can be arranged according to their size and narrow spaces used for magazines. The new REK has the same dimensions as the first one but weighs only 80 kg. The maximum dimensions of REK are: 202 x 228 x 36 cm.


The new version of REK now has a recycled HPL finish by Abet Laminati. "It is light grey with a texture that people associate with fine concrete or grey cardboard. A lot easier to transport but above all, easier to slide. We have also improved the guidance and added a stop, making sure the parts do not slide out too far."

Photos: Peter van Dijk.


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