Tilting Tableware by Linde Hermans and Pieter Stockmans
by Harry / February 13, 2013

Situated part way between a plate and a bowl, Tilting tableware plates allow the user to make the most of the end of a meal.

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Made of porcelain, the tableware collection includes a tilting water carafe, pasta plates and espresso cups.


"My goal was to make a tableware that is recognizable for its volumes and forms, but has this artisanal feeling as it is all produced by hand." says Linde Hermans.


"The result is a functional tableware, stackable upside down, easy to pick up and place on the table."


Tilting will be shown at Belgium is Design's TOOLBOX exhibition in Milan April 9 to 14, 2013.

+ lindehermans.be
+ pietstockmans.com


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