Familjen Hall Furniture Collection by Annie Granath and Charlotte Ackemar
by Harry / February 10, 2013

Annie Granath and Charlotte Ackemar have created a furniture collection for "a space where functionality is of great importance but also a room that's often forgotten about" - the hall.

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Presented in the Greenhouse young designers section of the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair, Granath and Ackemar's Familjen collection has a signature feature - an "elastic stomach" to stow away clothes and belongings.


"It's the first thing you encounter in the home and the last thing you experience before leaving it. We have created a collection of hall furniture that by its shape, expression and characteristics has gotten a life of its own." say Granath and Ackemar.


"The collection consists of a seating furniture with an elastic stomach to stow away clothes and belongings, a storage furniture that swallow your most private things and a wandering mirror with integrated lighting."




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