LightSpace Light by Jade Doel
by Harry / January 22, 2013

Jade Doel has set out to reestablish the importance of dining and "what makes it so vital to the occupation of a home."

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Doel believes that the increasing adoption of open plan interiors has lead to a diminution in the experience of dining.


The shift to open plans results in "a lack of respect for spatial definition, decreased acoustic qualities, increased distractions and the formation of impediments on cultural and traditional values and tasks, such as the perception of dinner as 'family time'." says Doel.


"Our lifestyles at home are more dynamic than ever before, but lighting options for consumers on the most part remains static. I believe LightSpace is the key to solving the issues surrounding open plan dining in a contemporary environment whilst also offering the consumer something different aesthetically and functionally. It doesn't just light a space; it makes it more intimate, more exciting and more intriguing."


LightSpace is a 1100mm wide, disc-shaped, pendant light that features two independent LED light sources "designed to support the many modes of contemporary, domestic, dining in an open plan environment."


The pendant is composed of five segments (with randomly placed circles to portray a starry sky), which provides soft lighting, a turned American Ash hub, which conceals an LED spotlight for task lighting or highlighting centerpieces and a suspension system made from wire cabling that acts as a structural design feature for supporting the span of the LED segments and connection to the ceiling.


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