Totems Modular Tables by Allegory Studio .CH
by Harry / January 20, 2013

A table system composed of stackable carrara marble stools and veneered oak table tops allow for user defined table height and table-radius.

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Totems is a collection of modular tables conceived by Swiss studio Allegory. It was premiered in Paris at Le Lieu du Design as part of Maison & Objet's Meet My Project off-site exhibition.


"In an era where spaces are always smaller, at a time when humans are more mobile and a Wi-Fi wired laptop allows one to work from anywhere, the reflection towards spatial modularity and furniture conception is now more then never to be considered." says Allegory.


"Totems is composed of 3 types of elements: carrara stackable marble stools which allow to define different table foot heights. Various diameters of veneered oak plates allow to define the table-radius."


"Eventually, pushed and anodised aluminium accessories are inserted in the enter of the wood plates, they specify the table's function and allow to finish the object by holding both the foot and the plate together."


"The materials and their properties define a time/space relation based on architectural principles. The accessory can easily be changed on a daily basis, the lamp can be replaced by the vase, and thus to easily evolve from a desk to dinner table."


"Totems can thus be a stool, a side table, a night table, a small or large coffee table, a gueridon, an entry table, a dinner table, a desk, a hight table, a bar table or a column."


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