The Office by Alexis Facca
by Harry / January 17, 2013

Alexis Facca's The Office is a realistic interior design fully made of paper.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Facca's idea was to recreate the office of a British advertising agency from 1980′s. We asked him a few questions about the work.

The first thing that struck us when we saw your work was the color. How do you work with color, did you have a particular palette in mind when you started the project?

Alexis: Yes we had some ideas when we started the project - thanks to the color sample from our supplier - but generally over the progress of one image, we changed everything! More yellow, or two horrible colors when they are side by side, etc ...


The furniture appears to be modeled on real world pieces, how did you make the furniture choices?

Alexis: Yes all the furniture exists in real life, and in the 80's. Just some details to be more realistic. For example the newspaper on the coffee table announces Margaret Thatcher's historic victory in june 1983, as well as the calendar is open to ... June 83.


The images have a stop motion animated feel, one half expects to see paper people to walk onto the set. How big is it?

Ahaha so I think the bet was successful! We were not to real size, scale 1/3, so the sets were about 3/4 meters. I will post some making of pictures on my facebook page. (

Photos: Tom Joye.


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