MOCO'12: "Imagine fireflies as your interface between your watch, you, your phone and time..."
by Harry / January 6, 2013

There's a lot left to be imagined.

In December 2012, a watch that uses the imagery of fireflies to present time showed us what imagination can do. That a watch, an object that normally binds us to the strict march of time, can free us to experience time ephemerally, both surprised and delighted us. See more of the Kei Kei Watch by Ori Takemura at MOCO MR.

Today is the last day of our 2012 review, and as we've seen with the products and projects we've shown these past 12 days, imagination is still alive and well and manifest. As we approach our 10 year anniversary of blogging on MOCO LOCO (in September 2013), we're very happy to announce, 10 years later, that we can't wait to see what's next! Thank you to the designers, to the readers of our blog and to our advertisers for allowing us to do what we love for so long.

Join us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook where we'll be showing more of yours, and our, December 2012 favorites until tomorrow.

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